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lash maintenance

how long your lashes last all depends on you and how you care for them. but don’t worry boo, we got you. here are a few tips to care for your lashes and make them last. 🤍

  • always remember to take your lashes off at night. but if you forget to & don’t, don’t stress. just take them off when you wake up and use the spoolie brush provided with the lashes to brush them out and put them back in the box until your next wear.
  • to remove the lash glue, use tweezers and lightly pull the lash glue off. pulling too hard will ruin the lash band and even remove some of the lashes. balding lashes aren’t cute so be careful. 
  • if you do have to wash the lashes, use a mild antibacterial soap and either cotton balls or cotton swabs. be gentle. they’re lashes, not clothes or a wig chile.
  • and if you didn’t follow any of the above or you’re simply just destructive, that’s okay! just come shop with us again!